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The Challenges of Competing for Public Contracts as a Small Business (Part VI)

We are not against anyone, but we are for equity. -Joseph Gould, Jr.

There are Disadvantaged Business (DBE) liaison officers or specialists, supplier diversity managers, and small business program directors doing just enough to advertise the contracting opportunities and protect their own position. In our experience, few are truly prepared for or understanding the impact their role has on the livelihood of business owners scrambling for customers, clients, or work. It is their responsibility to show fairness and objectivity, to make sure the projects get done but also that the work is spread around to give everyone an opportunity to work and build their business. But some of these folks should be required to take workshops on human relations as well as Civil Rights, because we have met people in these positions who have no observational empathy for the small business communities that are the cornerstone of this nation.

Do you agree or disagree?

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