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Strength Through The Challenge - Interview on September 5, 2017

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Host: Joe and Debra Gould Guests:  Clinton/Kelly Smith, Milton/Sheila Brown and Ronald/Voris Vigee

Building a strong relationship means not simply going through problems but growing through problems… your relationship grows you develop your strength through the challenge.  Our relationship success comes from doing what other people unsuccessful relationships are not willing to do.  We don’t wish it were better. We work on the possibility of a better relationship.

It was absolutely a great time to connect in an engaging conversation with couple friends that we highly respect and have known for many years.  We consider them to be some wonderful people,  couples to hang out and socialize with at events, friends help each other, and a support system in our network.

Below are a few questions we talked about during our Tuesday night of September 5, 2017 STTC interview with friends.

1. Do you have a regular schedule to exercise together and stay physically fit to energize your relationship? (Clinton and Kelly Smith)

Clinton: Ironically, just before STTC program tonight we had finished a biking 15 minutes ago.  We enjoy both biking and walking to discuss some of the tough issues that challenge our day.  A walk and talk helps to release the stress and get us back on track. 

Kelly:  We truly enjoy this precious time to walk together.  While we have not worked out on a regular schedule we have manage well to stay physically fit as a couple together. Keeping in shape is important and biking and walking are those things that we have incorporated and working well.

2. Do you seek out to surround your marriage with good role models and couples who will keep you honest? (Milton and Sheila Brown)

Milton: Yes, we make it a point to surround our life with like-minded individuals that help us to grow as a couple. 

Sheila:  I prayed to God for this specific prayer many years ago to bring couples into our lives that are Christian people, kind, friendly and enjoy travelling.  I can honestly for sure say we have found those friends and family members in our network and we have FUN together.

3. In your marriage relationship, “How do you agree to preserve peace and harmony in your home? (Ronald and Voris Vigee)

Ronald:  Communication is the key. When we disagree as a couple, it is so important to address the concerns head on and talk it out. 

Voris:  I have learned that “Compromise” is #1 in the household. That’s what makes the peace and harmony that works all the time.

4. Is it easy to thank God for your partner every day? ALL Couples

Clinton: Exceptional easy to say that I thank God for Kelly.  While I don’t get on my knees to pray and I pray in bed I’m thinking about how blessed I am to have her in my life.  I was married once before and this time around I know it is a right fit for my life.  Together we have a beautiful daughter we are so proud of and we are great together.

Kelly: As we are aging we are taking inventory of what we are grateful for in our lives.  I’m thankful for Clinton and our family.  Life is wonderful with him and yes, I thank God for him.

Milton: One couple pulling in a separate way is not going to make it at all.  I can say we are going in the same direction both Milton and Sheila Brown.  Thank God for blessing me with a loving wife and partner every day.

Sheila: Honestly and we are being open in this conversation.  It is not easy every day.  Every day I do it to say "I love you" to Milton Brown because I mean it from the bottom of my heart.  My first marriage was very bad and I will leave it at that.  There will be no other man after Mr. Milton Brown.

Ronald: I love everything about Voris.  She is an incredible woman and I love her and adore our kids.

Voris: Nothing is easy. Everything in a marriage relationship requires work. I love my husband and so happy and proud to have our three kids we have together. Ronald is the love of my life.

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